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Who We Are

A Brief Introduction

Canadian Benefits Associates Inc. was created to provide comprehensive actuarial and retirement consulting services to its clients based on the highest quality of service at a reasonable cost.

Our mission is to assist our clients design, implement and manage retirement programs that meet their cost constraints (both plan and consultant) within their unique culture and corporate philosophy.

Our comprehensive experience and expertise both in the Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Capital Accumulation Plans (GrRRSP, DCPP, DPSP, GrTFSA, etc) areas allows us to provide unbiased counsel as to the type of retirement program that best satisfies our client’s corporate retirement needs and philosophy.

We assist our clients in developing and delivering comprehensive communication that increases employee perception & the value of the retirement program and an effective financial education program that results in increased member engagement & financial knowledge.

Our retirement services also extend to our clients’ members, if and as required. We can assist individual members with their financial needs during employment, on termination or retirement.

Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to develop, implement and manage their retirement program that is designed to meet their corporate, philosophical & retirement goals within their pre-defined financial and human capital costs.

Why Us?


Service catered to our clients needs and philosophy


Our philosophy is to service all our clients with the high level of quality and service no matter the size, public recognition or the revenues to the firm. We accomplish this by ensuring that all our clients are serviced by consultants with extensive experience in the industry.

Cost Containment

Part of our strategy that we offer our clients, is to provide guaranteed and fixed fees for many of the services that we offer.


We are able to offer these savings to our clients by minimizing our over head costs and effectively & efficiently adopting modern technology. Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed expertise and technology which allow us to provide customizable solutions that are cost effective for our clients.

Meet Our Team At Canadian Benefits Associates Inc.

Our Advisors makes us who we are.