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Digital Employee Assistance Program

Health Connected

Health Connected is a new group benefits offering that helps employees to better understand and manage their health.

Health Connected provides 24/7 access for personal health tracking, health risk assessment, coaching and challenges.

Health Connected delivers a strategic approach to health and wellness. This employee wellness program goes beyond traditional, often intermittent and fragmented approaches by leveraging the latest in digital and mobile health technologies. Powered by MediResource, Health Connected is designed to promote daily engagement and behavioural change which are necessary for measuring meaningful impact on employee well-being and organizational health over time.

What is Health Connected?

Making  Wellness Count

We help organizations take a strategic and ‘connected’ approach to wellness. Our targeted, ready to launch solution promotes the understanding of daily health habits and enables employees to act on this understanding and better manage their health goals.

24/7 access to digital health and wellness coaching to address risks, lifestyle behaviours and chronic disease

  • Cardiac Health

  • Diabetes

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Mood & Stress

On-Demand ‘Quantified self ’ health tracking platform, connects with popular wearable devices and health apps

Managed and ready to launch quarterly health challenges that motivate with fun themes, camaraderie and goal setting

88% said it was engaging

64% gained new insights

67% were more motivated

Organizations are beginning to recognize and acknowledge the tangible benefits of their wellness programs, reporting “harder” and more measurable results from their efforts, more than ever before.

 – 2013 Sun Life-Buffet National Wellness Survey