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Individual Pension Plans

Individual Pension Plans (IPP)

A Defined Benefit Pension Plan which has 3 or fewer members.  Usually set up for executives, professionals and business owners.

We provide full range of actuarial and consulting services for Individual Pension Plans. These pension plans are setup for high wage earners and/or key employees by corporations, self employed professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.) and small business owners. These plans can potentially provide significantly more tax sheltered savings than a CAP (Group RRSP, Defined Contributions Pension Plan, DPSP, etc)

  • IPP setup and design
  • Preparation & filing of all documents to register new plan (plan text, trust documents, actuarial valuation report, etc)
  • All required actuarial valuations – going-concern, solvency, accounting
  • Accounting Entries – All entries required to be reported on the corporate balance sheet; CICA3461 (Canadian), FAS87, 88, 106, 112, 132 (US), IFRS IAS19 (new standards)
  • Preparation & filing of all regulatory documents (Form 7, IIS, AIR, T244, T3P)
  • Preparation of the Statement of Investment Policy & Procedures (SIP&P)
  • Investment review
  • Member communications
  • Plan amendment
  • Windup of pension plan
  • Full pension Administration Services
  • Retirement Plan Governance (setup and management)
  • Ad-hoc actuarial and retirement consulting services