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Personal & family coverage for the employed, unemployed, student, etc.

Retirement Savings & Income

Non Registered | RRSP | TFSA | RESP | Annuity

Locked In RRSP or LIRA

Don’t know what these mean?

Individual Health & Dental Plans

Health Care Plans provide coverage for medical expenses such as prescription drugs, dental expenses, vision expenses, and paramedical expenses, out of province / out of country expenses.  Medical expenses are increasing annually and should a catastrophic event occur, you may be left with a substantial bill.  Individual Health Care Plan may offset or mitigate this potential costs.

Life Insurance

Protection for a predetermined length of time; to align with a mortgage term, life cycle or other needs.

Income Protection

If you become disabled and unable to work, provides regular payments (usually monthly) to replace a pre-determined portion of your income prior to disability.

Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance is available to Canadians and their familes travelling abroad, returning to Canada, new Canadians waiting for eleigibility for provincial health care plans, Canadian students studying abroad,  foreign students studying in Canada, visitors to Canada including Super VIsa holders