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Capital Accumulation Plans

Capital Accumulation Plans (CAPs)

A registered (tax deferred) plan that allows members to make tax-deductible contributions to a tax-deferred account in which at least two investment options offered within the plan.   The account balance grows with investment income and future contributions.  The employees retirement benefit is the account balance at retirement.

A Capital Accumulation Plan is a plan where contributions are made on behalf of the member by the plan sponsor (usually the employer) and where there are two or more investment options. Examples of CAPs include Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Group RRSP, DPSPs, GrRESP, GrTFSAs, etc

Our comprehensive retirement consulting services to CAPs include but not limited to:

  • Plan Design and setup of new plan including negotiating with service providers for costs, reviewing contracts, member communications, etc.
  • Plan Marketing of a CAP – Comprehensive review of administrative, custodial and investment management review including negotiating fees / costs with the service providers
  • Preparation of the Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures (SIP&P), as required
  • Investment review – review and benchmarking of all funds offered, subjective and objective analysis and update, additional analysis for funds that are of concern
  • Retirement Plan Governance – development, implementation and on-going management
  • Financial Education – for plan members based on financial sophistication & investment horizon in both a group setting or on an individual one on one basis
  • On-line Financial Education – full range of financial education including interactive tools for investment education, on-line calculators, retirement projections and estimates, etc