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Benefits Consulting

Benefits Consulting

We have extensive experience and success with cost containment strategies, particularly with regards to health and dental benefits.  Typically we will conduct a benefit analysis, provide recommendations and alternate pricing.


This step is the first and most important.  It is the opportunity to learn about our clients, their culture, their goals and their desired outcomes.


The Plan & Path is developed and reviewed to ensure alignment of the desired outcomes.  The Plan & Path will identify the activities, deadlines and responsibilities to drive the results.  This becomes our “roadmap” for getting to where you need to be.


Now that we are all clear on the outcomes we begin the “heavy lifting” of executing the Plan & Path.  All activities begin with the end in mind.  There is also frequent progress updates to make sure that all clients are aware of progress.


This is perhaps the most satisfying step.  We are able to look back at our “roadmap” and see just how far we have come from where we started.

Plan Design