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Retirement Consulting Services

Retirement Consulting Services

Provided for a variety of retirement products including defined benefit retirement plans, Capital Accumulation Plans (Gr RRSP, Defined Contribution Plans, DPSP, GrTFSA)

The services that are provided by us to our clients include but are not limited to:

Actuarial Valuations

Going-concern, solvency, accounting; SERPs, IPP, RCA

Determination of Accounting Entries

Under Canadian, US and International Standards

Funding of SERPs

Unfunded Retirement Arrangements / Suplementary Executive Retirement Plans (SERPS)

Union Negotiations

Plan Design and Scenario Costings

Asset / Liability Modeling

Conversion of DBPP to CAPs and vice versa

Investment review

Preparation and review of the Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures

Marketing of a CAP

  • preparation of the RFP; the comprehensive review of Administrative, Custodial and Investment management services by inviting various service providers to participate (submit written responses and attend finalist presentations
  • inviting service providers to provide written submissions, reviewing submission from service providers and preparing marketing report for the pension committee review
  • inviting selected service providers for finalist presentation
    including negotiation of fees paid by the employer and members

Ad-hoc actuarial / retirement consulting