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Pension Administration Services

Pension Administration Services

Our comprehensive pension administration process has been developed internally and can be cost effectively customised and adapted to the unique needs of our clients.  Our data storage ability is extensive and can be modified to the unique situation of our clients. We continuously seek & update our administrative processes by taking advantage of advances in modern technology to ensure that we will continue to remain efficient and cost competitive.  Please contact us to see how we assist our clients to manage and control costs that they pay for administrative services.

Our clients can retain us to provide full pension administrative services or select services that meet their requirements.

Our range of pension administration services include:

Comprehensive Recordkeeping Services

Includes maintaining all personalized member static and historical records that are required to provide administrative services, such as earnings, service, contributions, etc.

Processing of Member Entitlements and Member Communications (Benefit Calculations)

Our comprehensive services include the determination of the member entitlements & estimates (termination, retirement, death, disability, etc), preparation of benefit package, forwarding the package to the member, addressing any member queries, receiving member elections, processing member election and preparation of documents for payment.  Alternatively, as required, review the occasional package or calculation completed by the client for quality control.

Benefit Statements

Preparation and distribution of member statements that satisfy both the regulatory requirement and CAP Guidelines.

Regulatory Reporting

We can complete all regulatory filings including Pension Adjustment (PA), Pension Adjustment Reversal (PAR), Form 7, Investment information Summary (IIS), Annual Information Summary (AIR), Pension Benefits Guaranteed Fund.

Comprehensive Benefit Statements

These statements provide our clients with an option to provide a unique statement that summarizes all benefits (health, dental, life insurance, group retirement, disability, optional benefits, executive benefits, etc) and their associated costs.  These statements satisfy both the regulatory reporting requirements and CAP Guidelines